Lucy P

I’m a Leiths School of Food and Wine trained chef. My original and hopefully imaginative recipes were developed on the ground at my Green Bean coffee van with my lovely paying customers every day in London! I created tastes they adored, not the tastes they’d buy from a health fixture, but crave-able succulent and sweet flavours, which make you want more. Even their kids loved them and preferred the nutrient snacks to my beloved banana loaf!

They implored me to step up quality and nutritional substance as well as taste. I have. Each GB chew includes Yacon, a natural sweetener with indigestible sugars, so there are no quick-fix sugar spikes but long lasting slow release. They’re only ever 100% Organic and Fairtrade, with 8-9 complex components including flaxmeal and a superfood. Being raw, unrefined and high in prebiotic fibres, they’re useful for immunity, gut health and overall digestion. 55g of good calories also means eliminating the kind of perennial snacking that we sometimes fall into.

Because of the exciting flavours, new consumers are also coming to new healthy from sweet snacks. That’s right, giving up the refined brownie and wasteful pastries for a GB CHEW!

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