Information about Fairmondo UK


One Easy Cooperative

We are a cooperatively owned, online marketplace that aims to make it really easy to source ethical goods and services from sellers with a strong commitment to ethical business and trade.  We recognise that the way we meet our needs has consequences for people and the planet.  By coming together, our daily decisions can bring about a more just and life sustaining global community.

This is a place to sell, rent, swap, share and give away goods and services with other members of the marketplace.   

This start up version of the marketplace is owned and run by a workers cooperative:

Worth Cooperating Ltd. The Orchard, AESSunderland Street, Worth Way, Keighley, BD21 5LE, 01535 607775.  Membership is open to all users of this site via Bob:

As the business grows we will change to becoming a multi-stakeholder cooperative: workers, sellers, buyers, investors all have a share in decision making.    Find out more at

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