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This leading environmental magazine gets to the heart of permaculture and sustainable living internationally. It features practical thought provoking articles on organic gardening, sustainable agriculture, agroforestry, climate change, peak oil, eco-villages, alternative technology, eco-architecture, personal and community development and much more. Packed with informative articles, reader's solutions, DIY designs, news, book, tool and product reviews, letters, classifieds and details of a wide range of related courses. Published quarterly. A4. 88pp

The latest issue features:

4. The Potted Forest

Wade Muggleton shares the multiple benefits of growing a food forest in pots.

7. Preserving Summer Flavours

No Dig expert, Stephanie Hafferty, shares her tips for the summer garden and how to preserve those flavours for the winter months.

13. Re-generation

Daniel Christian Wahl says a new generation of designers can design a world in which all can thrive and not just survive.

17. From Picts to Paradise

James Reid explains how he designed a mulituse permaculture paradise in the temperate climate of Scotland, with veg gardens, fruit trees, live­stock, compost toilets and a sauna.

26. ReLocalising the Economy

A world beyond fossil fuels can help us regain a sense of place, writes Andrew Walton, founder of a new think tank promoting bioregionalism in the birthplace of industrial capitalism.

31. The Benefits of Hugelkulturs

The raised bed that retains water, decomposes wood and sequesters carbon.

32. Designing Your Permaculture Livelihood

Teacher, author and consultant, Aranya, shares his advice on how to join the permaculture economy.

37. Permaculture in East Timor

Permaculture Timor Leste has had a big impact for a small organisation. Lachlan McKenzie explains why.

45. The Art of Peening a Scythe

Mowing grass with a scythe makes 100% sense. It is quiet, fossil fuel free, and great exercise. Michelle Lainé explains how to use and maintain a scythe properly.

50. Reclaiming a Lost Garden

Caroline Aitken describes how she took on a dere­lict nursery and used permaculture techniques to create a productive annual vegetable garden.

55. Permaculture Design for the Third Age

Richard Webb explores how permaculturists can approach ‘retirement’ realistically, yet creatively.

59. The Edible Outdoor Classroom

Matt Willer shares how he set up an allotment for his students, creating an inspiring, abundant outdoor classroom.

63. Permaculture and Indigenous Knowledge

Dr. Alex Aisher and Peter Cow explore how a new wave of ‘people permaculture’ is drawing on the deep historical link between permaculture and indigenous knowledge to understand group dynamics and personal development.

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