Giulianos infused olive oil - lemon flavour 250ml

Giulianos of Sicily infused oil

Infused with lemon

"We are not a big company and the olives are grown on a family farm in the Valley of The Temples Agrigento, Sicily. This area of Sicily is

particularly unspoilt due to it being a historical , agricultural phenomena. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the finest grade given to oil from the first pressing. Heat destroys antioxidants, so cold pressed oils protect them. The method we use is cold pressing .

Virgin Olive Oil is for all purposes the same as Extra Virgin Olive Oil but has a higher acidity. Virgin Olive Oil must have acidity below 4%.

The oil we produce and sell is certified @ 0.02% acidity which shows the quality .

Real extra virgin has a peppery and fruity taste. If you can’t taste the olives you may have deodorized, cheap oil that could be soy or canola with some green colour added. The real deal is more expensive but worth the health benefits.

Giulianos olive oil certifies the production from field to table. Many oils portray they are grown in a certain area but the truth is they have been produced by a combination of growers even from different countries to produce a mixture that a single source cannot be identified.

All our olives are grown on our farm so we can guarantee that we have overseen from cultivation to bottling . Our land has been farmed for a century by family and has been handed down though the generations . We have a European certification for organic farming.

2016 we received a star in the great taste awards for our original oil.

2017 gives way to our new range of infused oils .

Lishmans butchers in Ilkley sells our original oil and you can meet us at either Real food Ilkley - 1st Sunday of each month or at Baildon farmers market - 4th Saturday of each month"

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