The 21st Century Revolution – A Call to Greatness

The 21st Century Revolution - A Call to Greatness by Bruce Nixon

This book is for people all over the world who want to prevent environmental catastrophe and create a happier, fairer, non-violent world. It will help you make sense of the situation, find solutions, empower yourself and decide what you want to do to bring about radical change.

The challenges are enormous. So are the opportunities. Change springs out of vision and hope. The book provides both. When great shifts come, they tend to come fast; the old order collapses. Remember the fall of the Berlin wall.


“We need to be both planning for a better world and actively setting out a route towards it. That needs the input of the many - and the democratic focus of this book is very much welcome, as is its understanding that our economic, social and environmental crises - and the solutions to them - are interlinked.” Natalie Bennett, former Leader, Green Party of England and Wales.

“I found this book incredibly illuminating and inspiring. For someone who knows next to nothing about politics and economics it’s a very clear clear, concise easy to digest, interesting and most of all hopeful look at the state we are in right now. Well worth reading.” Clare O’Connell, Cellist.

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